Happy birthday! Make it special for students

What day of the year is the most important in the lives of your class-based school’s students? Guarantee you: it’s whatever day their birthdays fall on.

Are you using the Student Birthdays tool in ClassJuggler? It makes honoring students super-easy. With ClassJuggler, you need never forget.

It’s easy to see which students have birthdays in a given month from commonly visited screens throughout ClassJuggler:

  • The Home Base screen
  • Student listings
  • Records

But you’ll love this; there is an easy way to send a special birthday email to your students whose birthdays are coming up:

  1. From the Student sidebar menu, select eMail Birthday Students:

2. From here, you can either generate a report of the students whose birthdays fall in your chosen month OR you can generate an email that is sent to the parents of each student with a birthday in your chosen month:


3. For a smaller school, simply click this button at the bottom:


3a. For a larger school, optionally filter your list and sort it using any of these defining characteristics:


The Student Birthdays feature is available in all our school management software offerings, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it. 

Photo by G Dolgikh at pexels