Use This Tool to Manage Action Items

Have you checked out the To-Do & Alerts?

The To-Do and Alerts screen, available from your home screen once you are logged into ClassJuggler, is where you will find and manage your to-do items, as well as system generated alerts and news messages.

Use the To-Do items feature to create prioritized lists of items as reminders. These could include things like reminders to pay bills, make important calls, or set up a staff meeting. Alerts and News Messages are both generated by the system and are not created by you. Access these tools here:

The To-Do & Alerts screen has two distinct sections:

  • Item Viewer (Active/Deleted To-Do Items, Alerts, and News)
  • To-Do Item Editor (New To-Do Item or View/Edit Existing Item)

To-Do Item Editor (New To-Do Item or View/Edit Existing Item)

This section is where you create new and edit existing to-do items. To-Do’s are assigned a priority and are given a descriptive subject.

To use the to-do editor:

Field or SelectorDescription
PriorityPrioritizing your to-do items gives you the ability to change the ranking of to-do items that become more important than others. Priorities are ranked from 1 to 9 with one (1) being the highest priority. The priority of one (1) is the default.
Item TypeThis field is not editable but shows you the type of item you are viewing. The item types are:

To Do – Indicates that this item is a to-do type item. You can create, edit, and delete to-do items.

Alert  – Indicates that this item is a system generated alert. You can only view and delete alert items.

News – Indicates that this item is a system generated news message. You can only view and delete news items.
Subject(REQUIRED) This is where you will type the subject for your to-do item.
DetailsThis optional text area field is where you can type a detailed description for your to-do item.

The to-do item editor has the following action buttons:

Action ButtonDescription
SaveFor new to-do items, this is the only action button available. The Save button will save your new to-do item.
Save ChangesFor existing to-do’s, the Save Changes button will save changes you have made to a to-do item.
Restore to “Active”This action button only appears when you are viewing an item in “deleted” status. If an item has been deleted, it can be restored to active status with this button.
DeleteDeletes the event being displayed. This action cannot be undone.
Add NewIf you are currently editing an event, this action gives you a clean form to enter a new event.

 (2) Item Viewer (Active/Deleted To-Do Items, Alerts, and News)

This section displays a scrollable list of all the to-do items, alerts, and news messages. Each set of items has a grouping header with totals.

The viewer also has three search and sort selectors:

Selector or ButtonDescription
ShowAllows you to limit what is displayed in the listing or show all item types. This is handy if you have a lot of to-do items, alerts, or news messages and want to display only one type.
Items with…statusThis tells the viewer pane to display only Active or Deleted event types.
Sort ByGives you three options for how the items in the listing pane are sorted:

Priority – Sort items by priority – priority 1 first, and priority 9 last.

Date Created – Newest – Sort items by the date they were created with the newest items at the top and oldest at the bottom.

Date Created – Oldest – Sort items by the date they were created with the oldest items at the top and newest at the bottom.
RefreshThis action button will refresh the listing using the sort and search options selected.

Each to-do item, alert, and news message in the item listing are coded for easy identification. The elements of each item listing are as follows:

  • Item Group Header – Each group of items (to-do’s, alerts, and news items) has its own group header. The header tells you the count of each item type as well as provides a visual break between the groups of items.
  • Item Type Icon – identifies the type of item by its icon (see Section (1) To-Do Item Editor above for examples)
  • Item Priority – The priority of the item is displayed in bold text in square brackets.
  • Item Subject – the subject of the to-do, alert, or news message.

All of the items listed in the “Active/Deleted To-Do Items & Alerts” section act as links and can be clicked on. Single-clicking an item will bring it up in the editing section for you to view its details and perform additional actions.