What kind of class-based business are you?

One thing that all class-based businesses have in common is a desire to teach. And that desire is immeasurably stronger than the other thing all class-based businesses have in common: the need to operate efficiently — the ability to keep their focus on their students, rather than giving too much attention to the business of running the business.

But how? As business grows, it’s common to lose focus on educating students to be better dancers, gymnasts, tennis players, swimmers, musicians, or whatever, because the needs of a growing business add levels of complexity that you know you can’t ignore, that you know you must manage.

This is where ClassJuggler comes in.

ClassJuggler is software designed specifically for schools and other businesses with regularly scheduled classes. Our business software is the most powerful and affordable studio management software on the market, and has been ranked number one in overall customer satisfaction by customers.

If you aren’t familiar with business software, you may feel overwhelmed when starting. We understand! That’s why we have telephone support (many of our competitors do not!), and we don’t charge for it either. We can use high-powered webinar software to create a one-on-one meeting where we show you step-by-step how to do a specific process or invoke a specific feature.

To learn more about how ClassJuggler can help you with YOUR type of business:

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