Ease Customer Management With the Customer Portal!

ClassJuggler Customer Portal

When you choose ClassJuggler’s online business management software, designed for class-based businesses, you most likely heard about, or saw, a video demo of our Customer Portal add-on. If not, check it out here by clicking on the image to the right >>>>>>>>

Maybe you didn’t initially sign up for this optional bonus feature, thinking you’d add it later, or just got so busy that you forgot the feature is even available.

Whatever the reason, there’s hardly a better time than now to take a fresh look at the Customer Portal to reduce the burden of class enrollments and the likelihood of increasing enrollments now that most areas have reduced COVID 19-related business restrictions.

To get you started with that fresh look, here’s a hot list of Customer Portal benefits, plus useful links to help get you started.

Benefits of the Customer Portal

  • Customer self-registration —Rather than hand out paper registration forms, printed class lists, and hard copy waiver forms, have your customers simply register online, providing you with all of the data you previously had to collect on paper and file away!
  • 100% mobile  — Our Customer Portal, which was completely re-written in 2017, is designed to work great on smartphones. Our research found that over 78% of our ClassJuggler customers’ clientele use a smartphone to access the Customer Portal.
  • Anytime, anywhere — You are not at your business 24×7 to take registrations and payments from your customers, but you could be there around the clock “virtually” with the assistance of your always-online, always-available Customer Portal, ready when your student’s parents are ready to register or make a payment, even in their pajamas or lounging in their La-Z-Boy. Your customers will thank you for this time-saving and convenient feature!
  • Online payments — Having the ability for a parent to set up a credit or debit card for automatic payment and then make a one-time payment themselves is powerful, and likely gives you a competitive advantage to similar businesses in your area.
  • Affordable — The Customer Portal feature adds just $10 US to the base cost of ClassJuggler and only $5 monthly per pricing tier, making it affordable. In a survey of schools that use ClassJuggler, we learned that the amount of time saved in in-person administration with front desk personnel more than pays for itself each and every month.

Customer Portal Resources

Still not sure? Check out these videos to learn more:

  • Demonstration Video — You can see a full walkthrough of the portal on our YouTube channel.
  • Promotional Video: Customer Portal — Check out our short 60-second promotional video for a splashy look at the Portal.

And as always, .

The Customer Portal available in all our ClassJuggler products/properties, including:

Any questions? Feel free to contact us and even request a personal demo walk-through of the customer portal.