Coronavirus: Let Our Communications Tools Help!

A message from ClassJuggler’s president, Jon Koerber.

With the coronavirus situation rapidly evolving, owners of class-based businesses need to stay flexible and do their best to keep customers informed.

This is where we can help. Although you likely know about ClassJuggler’s email and text communication tools, using these FREE features is more important than ever.

Instant and targeted emails or texting is the key

While you’ve likely used our platform to create standard weekly class messages, ClassJuggler is also your partner for ad hoc communications critical for these uncertain times, when some or all of your classes may need be canceled for the near term. Our software helps you communicate time-sensitive messages to your customers, such as:

  • Changing your business hours
  • Announcing changes to competitions, events, and performances
  • Getting word out if you are forced to close your doors and cancel classes

We realize this has already happened to many of you due to coronavirus-related regulations that may demand you change how you do business based on location (by city, county, or state decree, for instance).

The good news is that, because ClassJuggler lets you easily specify an audience by class or location, you can choose to reach all of your customers at once or target a specific group of families, such as all families with at least one child enrolled in an active class.

Let ClassJuggler do some of your heavy lifting

We want to do whatever we can to help in these trying times. I encourage you to reach out to our Customer Support who can share strategies with you for using ClassJuggler’s communication tools to deal with time-sensitive customer messaging, and can even walk you through the steps for sending communications to any group of your customers.

We wish all of our clients the best during these trying next few weeks, and please contact us if you have any immediate questions.

Warmest regards,
Jon Koerber, President

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