The ClassJuggler “Staff Portal” Empowers Instructors!

The staff portal interface for instructors

The ClassJuggler Staff Portal — a free feature for all ClassJuggler clients — is focused on the needs of staff, particularly instructors, and the information they need most.

All your administrative users of ClassJuggler at your class-based business will have access to the Staff Portal.

Once you have set up a staff member with access to ClassJuggler, they can log in from their desktop computer or from their mobile device via the staff portal login link, which is at the bottom of the usual ClassJuggler sign in page.

Let’s take a look at three key reasons why your instructors will be tickled pink with the new Staff Portal.

#1 — Instructor tools designed for in-class use

The Staff Portal gives your instructors and other staff 100% mobile-friendly access to key ClassJuggler features. It works on your smartphone, so you can access these targeted features without a Wi-Fi connection — particularly handy if the staff member is working remotely.

Instructors: Imagine whipping out your smart phone or iPad at the start of your class to take attendance, and the data is already uploaded into ClassJuggler as soon as you enter it — no more logging into a computer after class to track this.

#2 — Dashboard shows features instructors need most.

The Staff Portal’s “dashboard” feature is a kind of launchpad for all that the staff member can do, and regularly needs to do, from the convenience of a mobile device. This includes a news page for staff updates and important announcements, and will show the instructor’s next classes for today and tomorrow from their schedule.

#3 – Directly connected to class & student data

Your instructors will not only be able to view lists of all assigned classes and view class details, class enrollees, and class attendance screens, but will also have the ability to enter class attendance directly from their phones, and in an interface optimized for mobile devices.

Even though this feature was designed for the smallest of common interfaces — smartphones — it will also look and work great on tablets and full-sized computers.

How to log in to the staff portal

staff portal sign in screen

To access the Staff Portal, go your usual sign-in screen for logging into ClassJuggler.

Just click the Go to Staff Portal sign-in link, which you can find at the bottom of the sign-in screen.

On the Staff Portal sign in page, instructors can log in using their standard ClassJuggler login. This process works whether on a mobile device or desktop computer.

Do all class-based businesses benefit from the ClassJuggler staff portal?

Yes! The staff portal is available to ALL our clients, including class-based businesses in the following categories: using:

As long as you have teachers/instructors, the staff portal will be a terrific benefit to your school!

We look forward to your input on how the new Staff Portal works for you, and expect more Staff Portal features to come later this year!

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