Continuing COVID-19 Relief for Our Clients

We know from talking with our clients that you continue to struggle to make ends meet beyond the April fees discounts we provided, as you have continued working get financial relief through the government PPP and SBA programs, figuring out how to keep your employees paid, and how to teach classes remotely. Keep up the great work and innovation at your businesses! We will all need to keep these skills close at hand for the future and be ready to switch classes again from in-person, to virtual, at a moments notice

Since shelter-in-place orders continued beyond April, ClassJuggler sought ways to help and cut our costs so we can continue to provide the best service and support to our clients. We realized that, in this time of crisis, one month of deep discounts is not going to be enough. We know many of you are still waiting on stimulus funding, suggesting that May will be just as difficult . We have been hard at work planning continuing relief efforts for our clients and I am happy to announce to you our May relief efforts.

ClassJuggler extends 25% discount through May

We extended the same April discount into the month of May. Let’s keep up that positive can-do attitude to beat this crisis and support each other.

NOTE: for those clients already receiving a discount (for example, non-profits, multi-location, and franchises) your discount will be increased up to the full 25%.

Relief on merchant processing fees

Our partners Frontline Processing and CardConnect have once again volunteered to partner with us on our relief package. We are therefore pleased to announce a continued discount for the month of May on those regular monthly fees we all would normally pay on our merchant accounts. That means that you will only be paying fees on actual payments processed and no other additional fees, such as monthly statement fees, minimums, etc.

Note: your gateway service provider Authorize.Net (who stores all your on-file cards) will still be charging their monthly fee, which is ~$15 monthly.

Reach out if you have questions

We appreciate your support of ClassJuggler through this difficult time. We depend on you for our well-being and financial health. The outpouring of “thank-you” emails and calls in response to our April relief package made the entire team here feel closer to all of you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We want to know how you are doing during this challenging time. We are planning to continue normal support hours for all clients!

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