Why You Should Be Using Hovering in ClassJuggler

You’ve probably heard about the hovercraft, right? This is not that.

If you are British, you have no doubt heard about “Hoovering” (a.k.a. vacuuming)? This is also not that.

But if you are working within ClassJuggler, you will no doubt find hovering just as useful as hoovering, and likely more useful than a hovercraft. It’s this tiny little green “dog ear” triangle that you will see in many places throughout ClassJuggler:

What is hovering?

Within ClassJuggler, hovering is a way to find a lot of information without having to access each record in your database.

Think of the hover symbol, whenever you see it, as a “floating info” feature, and you will see it on most ClassJuggler listing screens. Anytime you see the little hover dogear symbol in a listing column, it means you can hover your mouse over that column to see additional information without having to drill-down into the record.

For example, here is a typical screen within ClassJuggler. You will see that tiny green triangle on each line in certain pieces of information, such as the Last Name field and the First Name field….

To see more information about a customer, student, instructor, class or other record without having it to go to its entry in the database, you can get this snapshot view simply by hovering with your mouse over the particular line item to view all its details, all without leaving your current screen list.

This is especially useful when you have dozens of records to review (those clicks add up fast). It’s a tiny little dogear, but it has a lot of value!

The hover info tool works not only in ClassJuggler but works in all these other business-specific versions of ClassJuggler:

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