Adjust Class Pricing Fast with Class Tuition Templates

Recent releases of ClassJuggler introduced features specifically helpful given the immediate needs of our clients during the pandemic, such as the “Classes for Today” section in the Customer Portal and the Virtual Class Links feature to help parents and students easily join your Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, or other video streaming classes.

Coming soon: Class Tuition Templates. This new, much-requested feature will speed updating your class pricing tables. It’s a quick way to change all of your class’s tuition amounts in short order. Given the necessary pricing adjustments during the pandemic, it’s timely.

Today, each class tuition amount in your class tuition templates must be updated manually, adding a lot of extra administration. With this update to the Class Tuition Templates, you can set up a tuition pricing table. Do this once, and then copy it to as many classes as you want to speed your updates.

Exact launch date is TBD as we work out the final details, but we wanted to give you a heads up since we know many of you are looking forward to it. Stay tuned…