Handling Tuition Discounts in ClassJuggler

Do you offer discounts at your business? ClassJuggler gives you several ways to set them up!

  1. Family Discount — These are tied to customer Payment Groups; you can configure this on the Preferences > Payment Groups screen. ClassJuggler applies this discount when you run a Tuition Billing Cycle.
  2. Prepaid Tuition — Use this option if you offer discounts for families that pre-pay for multiple months of tuition. Useful if you use the billing cycle to step to post several months of tuition with any type of discount.
  3. Tuition Tables — Each class can have a set of built-in tuition options including your discounts. This gives you a drop-down selector at enrollment to choose the appropriate discount.
  4. Individual or group tuition credits — While not technically a “discount,” tuition credits can be applied at any time to an individual family from their transactions screen or from a selected class when applying tuition credits for all students in a class; whether this is for a canceled class or some other reason.

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