A third of studio owners overwhelmed

It’s nothing short of shocking to learn from a 2019 survey that nearly 1/3 of dance studios are operating without any modern dance studio business management software solution at all!

Operating without some sort of software system designed for class-based businesses means that the business owner will have significant inevitable time loss from “administrivia” — i.e., all that necessary business stuff that keeps business owners from spending time with their students.

The extra work of doing things manually that a smart business management system, like ClassJuggler, can automate for you will grow as your business grows to the point that such administrivia becomes insurmountable, especially if your goal is to grow the number of the students you serve in your community.

Here’s what we know:

  • Any class-based business can only stay operable if they stay organized — if they know who their students are, if they know what classes the students are in, if they are keeping track of class schedules and instructor availability, if they are constantly aware of customer payments owed or payment balances, if they can easily run reports on their cost of operations and income – especially at tax time — and so much more administrivia.
  • All of these standard business operations can take enormous amounts of time without the assistance of software that automates much of it.
  • If you are in a community with competing businesses, and you’re operating your business without the efficiencies you gain from using software designed for class-based businesses, competitive edge!
  • In surveying our own customers, we learned that using our software has saved owners of class-based businesses on average 30 hours per month in labor costs.

30 hours!

Think of how quickly dance studio management business software could pay for itself, just by not having to pay an employee 30 hours of labor monthly, or by losing 30 hours/month of your own valuable time! More importantly, you’ll spend more time with your students, which is no doubt why you chose to start your business in the first place, right?

ClassJuggler software for class-based businesses helps increase your school’s business capabilities with an ever-growing body of valuable features and tools, such as online class scheduling and class management, online billing, payments, instructor & employee management, reporting, and our mobile-optimized customer portal, where customers can register, sign up for classes, and pay for classes. Ready to learn more? Check out the link that best serve you:

… or just give us a call, and we can answer your questions directly.

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