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Optional tools to grow ClassJuggler as your business grows

Beyond the powerful features and tools included with your ClassJuggler package, we have many tools and services designed to help you run a lean, competitive business.

ClassJuggler's merchant card processing tools make it easy on your customers to pay—easier for you to get paid quickly!

When you let customers pay for classes online with a credit card, you get paid fast, and without the hassle or expense of collecting payments at your business, manual mailed billing, or check processing!

Setting up customer accounts and processing payments is simple. We've integrated these features right into our acclaimed ClassJuggler interface. Our affordable merchant payment processing option integrates account management and credit card processing technologies within ClassJuggler, making payment and processing as easy as a few mouse clicks.

  • Increase your ability to process payments professionally, and at a reasonable price!
  • Receive payments from your customers faster!
  • Enjoy having fewer late fees and uncollected balances!
  • Remove the risk of storing customer credit card information at your business - maintain PCI compliance
  • Manage all your payments in one place—no need to keep a separate system for tracking credit card payments!
In-house support and no added fees

Unlike the competition, ClassJuggler handles all of the support for its merchant accounts in-house! So if you have any questions, you can continue to deal with our friendly and knowledgable support team rather than getting stuck in a maze of confusing jargon with your merchant processor company.

We also don't add any additional fees when you sign up for merchant processing with us. Competitors often charge up to $30 more monthly and as high as 1% additional processing fees — not ClassJuggler!

Available merchant services and products include credit card processing, card scanners, and retail terminals.

No hidden fees and great rates!

We use top-tier processing partners including Visa's Authorize.Net gateway, the leading provider of electronic payment processing services, to bring you the most secure credit card processing available. Your ClassJuggler merchant account has no hidden fees and offers competitive rates!

Merchant processing frequently asked questions:

What do I need to process credit/debit card payments from my customers?

You will need a merchant and gateway account to process credit card payments. Contact us and we'll provide you with both of these services through our partners.

How secure is my customer's credit information in ClassJuggler?

Our service is fully PCI compliant; Authorize.Net stores your customer's credit card information, so it is never on ClassJuggler's servers, providing you the most secure transactions possible.

I already have a merchant account; can I use it with ClassJuggler?

Yes, if your merchant account supports "Card Not Present" billing and is supported through our gateway. You will still be required to use our gateway services, as this is how ClassJuggler communicates securely with the banking network. A small 3rd party networking fee will be billed to cover our service costs. For details on fees see our fee policy.

How do I get started?

Simply contact our sales department and we'll collect some basic information to get the process started. We will be there to help you with the set-up of your merchant account and gateway, every step of the way.

How long does it take to get set up?

Once your paperwork has been approved, it typically takes between three to five business days to complete the set-up.

How much will my merchant account and gateway cost each month?

Your rates will depend mainly on your monthly processing volume and the credit rating of your business. Your fees will vary depending on the types of credit cards your customers pay you with (as all cards have different rate structures). We do offer very competitive merchant processing rates that typically beat the rates available from your bank or other providers. Call us for more information on pricing.

What about PayPal?

PayPal does not integrate directly with ClassJuggler. This means more work for you since you cannot securely store payment information with PayPal, which leads to more late payments and higher customer payment collection costs. And our clients' monthly rates are typically lower with ClassJuggler than with PayPal.

Is credit card processing available to Canadian and Puerto Rican businesses?

Yes. We can provide you with the latest information on compatible merchant accounts by contacting us at our toll-free support line (866) 214-6128.

Is credit card processing available to Australian and U.K. businesses?

Not yet, but it is coming soon. Contact us to get the latest information on merchant processing support in these countries at

"Time is money," as the old saying goes, and one of the best tools for saving on time and money is ClassJuggler's Customer Portal.

Our powerful Customer Portal allows you to provide your customers with online registration and access to manage their own accounts. Customers can view and update their personal information, view their billing history, make payments online, shop for classes, manage student data, view class enrollments, and much more!

The most modern, mobile-optimized, Customer Portal!

Your customers choose a mobile device over a traditional computer over 70% of the time, so a completely mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive registration site is a must! Our Customer Portal looks fabulous on every device and is super easy to use, from desktops to the smallest smartphone screen – with no pinching and zooming.

Fully customizable!

Each business has different needs. That's why we provide a wealth of customizable features in our online Customer Portal. You decide what your customers (parents) can see, what information to collect, and how they interact with the portal:

  • Customize the welcome page
  • Add your social media links so customers can easily link to them
  • Enable or disable registration fees for each student or family
  • Eliminate paperwork by adding your mandatory and/or optional policies for customer agreement
  • You can set up virtual links for your live video streaming classes that students can join with one-click
  • Show or hide information screens, like student skills or attendance
  • Add additional features, like online class shopping and credit/debit card payments
  • ...and much more

Let your customers choose their classes online with the "Shop For Classes" feature!

Ease the administrative burden of seasonal class enrollment by allowing your customers to "shop" for classes for their own family members. Never worry about customers selecting the wrong or inappropriate classes, since you still maintain full control over final placement and final class pricing through our "pending orders" approval system.

  • Your customers can shop for classes in their jammies – from the comfort of their home
  • Group classes into "class stores" to make it easy for your customers to find the perfect class
  • Customize the presentation of class information in your stores so customers only see what you want them to see
  • Create store "rules" to handle full classes or customize how pricing is shown to customers
  • Maintain control of class placement using our "pending order" approval system, eliminating age or pre-requisite issues.
  • Customers can "live search" the class listings for any value: instructor, day of week, time, age, class type, etc.

Enable online payments

Use our affordable service with the Customer Portal to let customers pay online for classes using any device with their credit or debit card, assuring you receive payments on time. No more waiting for a customer's hand-delivered or mailed-in check!

Ease your burden with self-serve customer accounts

Chop your administrative time in half or more by giving your customers control of their own records! With the Customer Portal, your customers can:

  • Self-register, creating a new account for themselves without you lifting a finger. A step-by-step wizard makes registering a breeze!
  • Instantly make a payment from their account screen.
  • Set up and manage an on-file credit or debit card to allow for convenient one-click payments or ongoing batch payments

Since your customer's information is available to them online at any time, you no longer need to print out or send out confirmation mailings, payment receipts, or account statements. What a time and money saver! See why the Customer Portal is such a timesaver and also check out a Customer Portal walkthrough video to see the Customer Portal in action!

Have a large database of family data that you don't want to key in? Let ClassJuggler do the work for you!

ClassJuggler's data load service can take a CSV (comma separated value) data file from your old class management software program, QuickBooks, a spreadsheet, or just about any other service and help you get your data loaded quickly, so you are up and running fast.

We can even load your prospective data for you so that you can use this as a prospecting database without increasing your ClassJuggler monthly fees at all.

The data load service is very affordable even for a small business. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of our pricing page or our fees policy page for pricing. Contact us today for more information and sample file format.

Need that extra bit of help to get started with ClassJuggler, or maybe you just want to become an expert! Let ClassJuggler put together an affordable training session for you and your team.

Our education staff is ready to help you reach the next level by creating a custom training program for you and your staff. Whether its a full system overview or a targeted session on email marketing or billing, for example. We can tailor training to suit any need.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of our pricing page or our fees policy page for training pricing. Contact us today to schedule training for you and your staff.

Experience our capable add-ons for yourself!

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