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ClassJuggler is an all-in-one business management solution: secure, powerful, and simple to operate. Though incredibly easy to set up, ClassJuggler's powerful features will meet your needs today and for years to come.

Not sure you're ready to use ClassJuggler? No problem – we take the pressure off three ways:
  • Kick the tires first! Try ClassJuggler in our no-commitment test drive demonstration mode—no personal or company data required. Try the Demo
  • The tab's on us! Don't risk a dime of your money to get started—your first month is totally free. Get Started Now
  • 100% satisfaction promise! We guarantee that ClassJuggler will be the easiest and best way to manage your classes and offer online registration. If for any reason you find ClassJuggler does not work for your business, you can cancel at any time. No contracts. No penalties. No hassles.
The ClassJuggler setup Wizard is a revolutionary way to help speed the setup of your ClassJuggler account so you can begin using it within minutes.
  • Get powerful tools to run your business without reading bulky user manuals.
  • The setup wizard walks you through each setup step to define your preferences and tell ClassJuggler about your business.
The wizard is also a brief tutorial, introducing you to ClassJuggler's many features.
Our online help system is a favorite feature of our customers.
  • Get help only when you need it
  • Every screen in ClassJuggler has help links that take you directly to what you need fast
No giant printed manuals to wade through — our state-of-the-art search lets you zero in on the topic of your choice.
Included with your subscription are our enhanced customer support services:
  • E-mail support with our 24-hour-or-less response time
  • Telephone phone support in the US and Canada, and email and Skype support for other countries.
  • Benefit from industry-leading support tools, like our "online environment sharing," which lets us see exactly what you see—so much easier to get help than with traditional software products!
  • We listen, and improve! Every page includes a feedback and feature suggestion button, so you can help us help you better!
  • Tips icons throughout ClassJuggler answer many questions you may have
Setting up your classes in ClassJuggler is so easy, since it works with all kinds of classes:
  • Regular monthly billed classes and long or short single-payment classes
  • Fixed duration and no-end-date classes
  • Open-schedule classes
  • Classes that meet at the same time and those with varying times, days, and durations
Plus, our Class Conflict Checker identifies and resolves schedule challenges. See even more scheduling tools and resources when you take a test drive.

Experience our easy startup for yourself!

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