ClassJuggler News - January 2013

Happy New Year. The ClassJuggler Team wishes you a very happy and prosperous 2013!

As we enter the new year, we're happy to bring you this month's edition which will provide you some valuable tips to help you close out your books for 2012 and get 2013 off to a great start.

If there are specific areas of interest you'd like us to include in future editions, send your suggestions to or give us a call at (866) 214-6128. We're also looking for clients who would like to share their best practices in using the ClassJuggler system. If you'd like to be the focus of an upcoming edition, please let us know.

Monthly Billing: As Easy as 1-2-3

The customer billing cycle is perhaps one of the most awesome yet underutilized features within ClassJuggler. You can posts thousands of dollars in charges to hundreds of customers with just a few mouse clicks.

Did you know you can email account statements to all your customers in seconds after generating your new monthly fees? Sending statements on a regular monthly basis to your customers is a guaranteed way to reduce late payments and save you time and money.

Each billing cycle is made up of several steps. Here are the steps we recommend for most customers:

  • Customer Payments – Record all of the payments you have received but not yet recorded from customers.
  • Post Late Fees – (optional) Run this optional step for all of your customers in a selected payment group if you enforce a late fee policy for outstanding invoiced balances.
  • Post Tuition – Run this step to process tuition fees for all customers in a selected payment group. Post Tuition creates detailed tuition charges for all students, from each customer family, enrolled in an active class for the billed month - and posts those fees to each appropriate customer's account.
  • Print/Email Statements – After completing the steps to generate new fees, choose print or email from the report type and choose who you'd like to send statements to using the rich set of report filters. You can also choose to customize your statement message before printing or emailing statements.

A billing cycle can take as little as 10 minutes each month! Now that's a time saver. And if you have a ClassJuggler merchant account for credit & debit card processing, you can collect payments from your customers right after generating their new fees!*

* Contact us for more information on this valuable feature

End-of-Year Reporting and Quickbooks Export Feature

Preparing for tax time is easy with ClassJuggler's powerful financial reports and with the addition of our Quickbooks Export tool. You can run summary or very detailed financial reports for your business income or use the Quickbooks export to generate a consolidated income IIF file for import into your QuickBooks software (IIF formatted for US QuickBooks only).

To use the QuickBooks export, follow these directions:

  • Choose an export period.
  • Select a QuickBooks posting date for the consolidated entries posted to QuickBooks.
  • Click Run Balance Report to run the report and review the results.
  • Click Match Accounts after reviewing the results to match your ClassJuggler accounts with your QuickBooks "classes."
  • Enter your QuickBooks account matches and then Save Account Matches.
  • Click Generate QuickBooks® Report to create the IIF export file.

Please be sure to backup your QuickBooks file before importing a generated export file. Please refer to the "Help & Links" Menu on the Quickbooks Export report screen prior to exporting your data.

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