ClassJuggler News - July 2013

Exciting New Features, Coming to ClassJuggler Soon!

SMS Text Messaging, Automatic Student Drop Emails, New Student Paging, and More...

For those times when you need to get information out to your families in the quickest way possible, email just won't do. We are excited to announce that we've been polishing up a powerful SMS messaging feature and it's just about ready for release. Class cancellations, weather problems, and any other important message can be delivered right to your customer's mobile devices. Whether you want to Text a single parent, all the parent of a cancelled class, or your entire book of customers, we have the new tools you need!

Also in the next release we've enhanced the drop tool for student enrollments. This feature now includes a checkbox letting you automatically email all of the instructors of the class to alert them of the student drop. What a time saver!

Get Ready For Fall Registrations

With Summer upon us, many of you may already be preparing for Fall registration. This is a great time to review and update your Preferences settings. ClassJuggler has a number of preferences which help define your business parameters as well as offer you special user features and customizations throughout ClassJuggler. Here are a few of the key preference screen you will see under your Preferences main menu:

Payment Terms – This preference screen defines when you expect to receive payment from your customers and when those payments are considered late. This is particularly important, as it sets up your monthly billing cycle, as well as defines the rules for calculating late payments.

Charge & Tax Accounts – This preference screen is where you will set up all of the accounts that will represent every type of transaction you can process for a customer as well as establish each account's optional tax liability and also link charge accounts to charge account categories for detailed reporting.

Charge Account Categories – Charge Account Categories are an optional but very powerful feature for labeling your financial transactions. Setting up detailed account categories and assigning them to Charge Accounts, individual classes and events, can allow you to produce very detailed financial reports to better understand your business's income and financial health.

Payment Groups – Payment Groups are a high level grouping for your customers and allow you to define late fees and/or discounts for any customer in that group. Payment groups are assigned to each customer and tell ClassJuggler which customers to process when you run a billing cycle.

Registration Settings – The Registration Setting preference screen allows you to enable and disable ClassJuggler's integrated registration system, set whether registration is mandatory prior to enrollment, and define a table of fees for student registrations.

Customer Categories & Student Groups – Customer Categories & Student Groups allow you to create special groupings for your customers and students. Each customer and student is assigned one Category or Group. These identifiers can then be used to narrow down which customers or students you want to work with on listing screens, billing, reports, emails and much more.

Policies/Agreements – Policies and Agreements allow you to create electronic versions of your important company policies and liability statements. You will use these to maintain a record of all policies a customer has acknowledged without having to dig through file cabinets to locate a paper copy.

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