ClassJuggler News - February 2014

Policies & Agreements - Powerful Compliance and Liability Tools

Most of you know about the Policies & Agreements features in ClassJuggler for ensuring your customers agree to all of your legal business policies. But we often get questions about changing or updating the verbiage in policies. Here is a recent and relevant question from a client:

"It's a new year and my insurance company says I must add or edit some of my existing policies that my customers sign. The system will not let me edit or delete the policies I already have in place. How do I do that in ClassJuggler?"

This client is correct that you are unable to edit or delete Policies & Agreements if at least one customer has acknowledged that policy. When your original policies were set up, you required your clients to agree to them as they were written at that time. When they agree with a digital "signature" that agreement became binding to all parties involved. Editing the wording in an agreement would change what your clients have agreed to - which would break that covenant. This was designed to work this way in ClassJuggler to protect your compliance.

The solution to the above question is to create a new policy as required by your insurance carrier or legal representative. Once you have your new policy added under Preferences, add that policy to your Customer Self-Service Center by going to Tools > Self Service Manager and clicking on the "Customer and Student Policies/Agreements" tab. Also, don't forget to remove the link to the old policy from the list of linked policies in the self-service center. The old policy will still be on file for historical purposes, just not presented to new and returning customers.

By enabling your new policy in customer self-service, all new customers and returning customers will be automatically prompted to agree to the new policy the next time they visit the Customer Self-Service Center - ensuring your customers are in compliance.

Naming your policies utilizing dates or versions will also help you manage these over time as they change. For example replacing a liability waiver named "Our Company Liability Waiver (Jun 2013)" with a new version "Our Company Liability Waiver (Aug 2014)" would make it easy for you and your clients to tell the difference between policies.

There is also a report under your Customer Reports, called "Customer Policies & Agreements" that you can run to help identify who has signed or has not yet signed your policies.

Get Ready For Tax Season!

Use our Financial reports to get the information you need.

ClassJuggler is loaded with reports for just about every aspect of your business. Two of the most important reports for monthly bookkeeping and tax preparation are the Company Billing report and the Customer Payments report

Depending on how you do your accounting for your business will determine which of these reports you will run most often.

Here are some tips and details on these reports:

  • Company Billing – ACCRUAL based accounting. This report does exactly what its name suggests, which is to provide you with a list of charges you have posted in a particular period of time. Since this is only showing what you have posted in charges, and not what has been paid or not paid by your customers, this is the go-to report for businesses that use accrual-based accounting for their bookkeeping.

    If you posted $1,000.00 in tuition and $200.00 in merchandise in the month you are reporting, this report would return the details of those charges and a net amount of $1,200.00 of income.

  • Customer Payments – CASH based accounting. This report will show you exactly how much money you "earned" in a period of time based on those payments being received.

    If you posted $1,000.00 in tuition and $200.00 in merchandise in the month you are reporting, but only received payments on $900.00 of those charges, this report would return a net amount of $900.00 of income.

For more information on these reports and examples and instructions for running them, please refer to "Online Help Manual" found in the green Help & Links Menu found at the bottom left of every screen in ClassJuggler.

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