ClassJuggler News - August 2014

Generating New Customer Business Using ClassJuggler

When you initially made the decision to use ClassJuggler's cloud-based management software solution, you most likely looked at the "backend benefits" — being able to run reports to understand your business better, managing customer records more efficiently, mass email communications, billing & accounting capabilities, etc. But there are certain add-on functionalities we offer that can actually boost your client numbers and help you retain your current customers: the ClassJuggler Customer Self-Service Center and Merchant Processing (the ability to accept credit cards for payment). Here's how these functions can generate new business and help you retain the old:

  • Customer self-registration — Our Customer Self-Service Center has features that make it possible for you to have new customers register and sign-up for scheduled classes right from your website without your assistance. This not only saves you a lot of time (no more paper registration forms and trying to decipher handwriting), but allows the customer to feel "in control" of their own account: setting up their own information, browsing and choosing classes in their own time, doing so from the comfort of their home or office, and signing up when they want to do it, even if that's 1 o'clock in the morning! This kind of customer empowerment can boost your business.

  • Anytime account management — Our Customer Self-Service Center makes it possible for your customers to log into their own account to add a new phone number, make an address change, or even pay for their tuition or merchandise purchases. Such services not only save you lots of time (the backend benefit) but makes it easier for your customers to do business with you.

    Advertising these features on your Web site can make your school look – and be! – more professional, which will make you more competitive in your market, likely driving new business.

  • Online electronic customer payments — We partner with two of the top merchant processing service providers: Visa and Global Payments, which makes it possible for you to easily and affordably accept credit cards and debit cards for payment from your customers. Since most people do business these days using credit cards or electronic payments, rather than cash or checks, you will be removing a "barrier to entry"—that is, getting rid of something that might block a potential customer from choosing your school. Merchant processing services can also help you retain your current customers, thanks to the ease of doing business with you that electronic payments allow such as secure card storage so you can process customer payments in bulk with a single click each month or session.

To upgrade your ClassJuggler account with the customer self-service center, merchant processing, or both services, contact us and we can walk you through the rates, the setup process, and the features.

Comparing the Big Three: Jackrabbit, MINDBODY, and ClassJuggler

We were excited to be featured in a review in the June issue of Dance Teacher Magazine. ClassJuggler was included in an article titled "Comparing the Big Three: Jackrabbit, MINDBODY, and ClassJuggler."

ClassJuggler was declared the best value for your money of the big three software products.

The article went on to state that a major pro of ClassJuggler is that it "Makes online registration for your clients a no-fail breeze..."

You can read the entire comparison article on our Web site thanks to the folks at Dance Teacher Magazine.

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