ClassJuggler News - June 2015

Why online software trumps packaged software

Is online software, like ClassJuggler, the better solution for class-based businesses, or is it better to buy traditional disc-based or downloadable software programs?

The truth is, traditional software solutions can be a pain, requiring you to deal with a host of challenges and limitations. Now we're not saying all packaged software is bad, we are specifically referring to the class of business management software like ClassJuggler. Whether you are a new customer or an existing client, or just looking for validation on your decision, here are some things to consider about packaged or downloaded software:

  1. Installation & management – Depending on the software, you will have to install, maintain, and back up your own software and data.
  2. Per-seat licensing – Packaged software will cost additional money for each additional computer you wish to install and run the software from.
  3. Upgrade cost – Packaged software always has upgrade fees. The latest and greatest version is often the full price of the original software.
  4. Security and data integrity – It is your responsibility to protect your computer and all your data against theft and disasters. You're on your own.
  5. No mobile access – No access to your software on mobile devices or on another computer.
  6. Lack of customer support – Getting support for a packaged software product usually requires the purchase of expensive support packages.

There's a better way! Internet-based online services like ClassJuggler offer a smarter, cheaper, more robust, and safer solution. Here's how ClassJuggler works for you:

  1. No software to install – ClassJuggler works with your Web browser. Anywhere you have online access, you have ClassJuggler at the ready.
  2. Unlimited users and devices – You can access ClassJuggler from as many computers, tablets and mobile devices you wish with as many administrative users as you want for no additional cost or per-user license fees.
  3. Upgrade cost are nil – When ClassJuggler adds a feature, it auto-magically appears in your account, no installation necessary. No extra cost.
  4. Backup and safety – Since ClassJuggler's multiple redundant servers back up and manage your data for you as part of our service, you never have to worry about your hard drive crashing and losing all your critical ClassJuggler data. If you computer or tablet is stolen, the thief gains no data, since all the data is on ClassJuggler's servers. You just vastly reduced the risk of failure for your business.
  5. Anytime, anywhere – ClassJuggler is available 24x7 from any device with an internet connection. Try that with packaged software.
  6. We've got your back – Being able to pick up the phone and call a support representative, without having to fork out a $99 per incident fee, is liberating. ClassJuggler support is included in your low monthly fee.

Fall classes and registrations are right around the corner

Here are some features of ClassJuggler to help you prepare

While many of you are preparing for or are already starting summer sessions, most of you are also already thinking about and planning for your fall classes.

Here are some ideas and suggestions for getting ready for fall so you will be ahead of the curve when your customers start lining up for enrollment:

  • Copy Class & Mass Copy Class – ClassJuggler has great tools for copying individual classes (using them as a template) to be used for your new sessions. Copy classes individually or copy a large group of classes for a new session.
  • Mass Status Change – This tool is very useful to run at the end of a session to convert all students who are not actively enrolled in a class to an "Inactive" status to help you better manage your students over time.
  • Customer Confirmation Statements – As you complete your enrollment period for fall classes, try using the Customer Confirmation Statements Report to email and/or print statements showing each customer the classes they have chosen for their family. This is a great way to get corrections and changes from customers right before the new classes start.
  • Account Categories – Now is a great time to start using account categories to label your new classes so that each charge will be "tagged" with the chosen account category. This gives you the ability to run very detailed reports by account category to see how much income a particular class or group of classes is earning your business.
  • Customer Self-Service – Its a good time to start using our popular customer portal feature (available for a small additional fee) to allow your customers to self-register, set up payment information and even shop for classes all from the comfort of their own home.
  • Merchant Processing – Allowing your customers to pay with their Visa, MC, Amex, or Discover card (credit or debit) is one of the most powerful tools. Your customers demand it, and it helps you stay competitive in your market.

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