ClassJuggler News - July 2015

Managing Policies & Agreements in ClassJuggler

Most businesses that teach classes to children have a set of policies that they require each customer (family) to agree to in order to participate in classes. ClassJuggler has a great set of features to help you manage and track compliance with all of your important policies.

Under the Preferences main menu is a screen named "Policies & Agreements" where you can set up all of your legalese policy verbiage. Once you have established your current policies they are ready to be used in both the administrator side and customer self-service sides of ClassJuggler (more on this in a minute). Here are some important tips for establishing your policies and agreements:

  • Don't date your policies – Once a policy has been acknowledged by at least one customer, it becomes locked. This prevents you from invalidating a policy that is in-force. If you have a "Tuition Payment Policy" for your business but you date it–for example, "Tuition Policy for 2017", this will force you to add a new policy every year and have all of your customers agree to the new policy.
  • Keep it short and simple – While we all want to be thorough, keep your policies short and to the point, to ensure customers are not put off by overly wordy agreements.
  • Work with an attorney – Your policies are only as good as the binding language they present. Consider hiring an attorney to develop your policy language for you.

Once you have established your policies, you can then begin to ensure all customers comply with your policies by reading and agreeing with them. There are two primary ways to handle this:

  • Using the Customer Self-Service Center (CSSC) – If you have this feature enabled, all you need to do is link each of your active policies to the CSSC and when new customers register or existing customers log back into their accounts, ClassJuggler will make sure they have read and agree to all of your policies.
  • Without the self-service center – You can still utilize the Policy & Agreement management tools in ClassJuggler even if you are not using the CSSC. You will still need to provide families with paper policy agreement forms, but once you have a signed form, you can simply add the policies to the customers record in ClassJuggler for reference.

Whether you are using the CSSC or handling policies manually, you can take advantage of the Customer Policies & Agreements report to show customers who have agreed to a certain policy, or show a list of customers who have not agreed to a certain policy. This report makes it easy to determine who is in compliance with your rules and who is not.

ClassJuggler System Upgrades

On July 12th, ClassJuggler will be completing its move to our new data center in Northern California. This new data center will provide us with close to 50x the bandwidth for our servers ensuring that your connections will be the fastest they can be (subject to you local internet connections of course).

This migration is the first phase of our system upgrades to ensure our infrastructure and servers are updated to the fastest and most reliable possible.

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