ClassJuggler News - October 2015

New Season or Session? Here are Some Tips

Starting a new season or session for your business can be a busy and hectic time. There are a number of actions you can take in your ClassJuggler account to make your new season or session transition smoothly. Check out these handy ClassJuggler tips and tools you can use to help make life easier:

  • Copy Class Features – This is a big time saver when you are moving into a new year or season. Copy Class allows you to save a ton of time creating your new classes, by copying the expired classes of the prior session and using them as templates for your new classes. You can use both the "copy class" of individual classes, or the "mass class copy" tool to copy a large number of classes at one time.

  • Mass Status Change –One simple but useful feature of ClassJuggler family records is their status. The status of a customer or student helps you organize who is active, inactive, or still a prospect. The Mass Status Change tool is a great way to move all customers and students that might have been active in a prior season or session into an inactive status for the new session, so you can focus on your active customers. This also sets a date in the database telling ClassJuggler "when" a record was made inactive. This is important for the next tool we will discuss.

  • Inactive Record Manager – This tool was designed to help keep your database at a manageable size over time. Over many years you may have a number of family records that you no longer need to maintain or keep online for reference. This tool can mass-purge those old records from your account. This tool works best when used in conjunction with the "Mass Status Change" tool, which sets the date a record was made inactive. Always make backups of your database before purging records.

  • Customer Self-Service: Registration Dates – If you use the registration feature of the Customer Self-Service Center, and you used a fixed date for registration expirations, make sure to revisit this date and update the value prior to your next season or year. For example, if all student registrations are set to expire on June 1, 2015, you'll need to update this value after June 1st to ensure all new registrations expire next year, or June 1, 2016.

  • Customer Self-Service: Stores – Prior to a new season or year starting, you are likely to have created a number of new classes. Double check your online shopping stores to make sure all classes are listed appropriately. Adjust your class store listing filters accordingly.

As you can see by the short list above, there are a lot of great tools and features of ClassJuggler to help you transition from year to year, managing your classes, customers, and more.

  — Article by: Jon Koerber of ClassJuggler

Seven Ways to Enjoy and Get Ready For Autumn

September 23rd was the first official day of Fall. Here are some pleasant things to consider about the change in season:

1.Take a Long Walk
Now that the summer heat is waning, it's the perfect time to grab your loved ones and go for a refreshing walk.

2.Pull Those Fall Clothes Out of Storage
As cooler days arrive, you'll need your warmer clothes. And a change in your wardrobe can often lift your spirits.

3.Change-Up the Menu
Soups and stews are on the horizon. A change in the menu using cool weather veggies, like pumpkin and squashes, are a nice change.

4.Stop and Smell the Fall Flowers
Cooler weather and more rain hearken the budding of Fall flowers. Grab a bouquet for your significant other.

5.Campfires and Smores
While the last thing you want on a 95-degree day is a campfire, Fall is simply a marvelous time for a fire and some s'mores with the family.

6.Indoor Projects
As the weather cools and rains start, dust off the to-do list for your indoor projects. Clean out your closet, and donate your unused clothing and shoes.

7.Leaves and Color Changes
If you are blessed to be near enough to mountains and colorful foliage, take that Sunday drive and soak in the rich colors.

  — Article by: Jon Koerber of ClassJuggler

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