ClassJuggler News - February 2016

Top three support questions for ClassJuggler

Our helpful staff is here to answer any questions you have, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm Pacific Time. Here are the top three support questions, in reverse order, from the past few months:

#3 – "I have a duplicate customer record! How do I merge the two?"

Duplicate records can occur from time-to-time when a customer re-registers online under a different email address or name, forgetting they already have an active account. Merging two records is not always easy, but the best approach is to choose the record with the most history (especially transactional history) and keep it, adding any additional information, enrollments, children, contact info, etc. as needed from the duplicate. This may require some manipulation of class enrollments, charges and payments, but once merged, you'll be in great shape for moving forward.

#2 – "How do I add a picture to an email template?"

Adding a picture to an email template all starts with making sure that the picture you want to include is publicly available on the Internet. What does that mean? It simply means that the file for the picture needs to be on a Web server, or in a file sharing service like DropBox, Google Drive, PogoPlug or similar and NOT be password protected. All of these files have an internet address – or URL – associated with them that is used to locate them. This address is used in email templates to "point" to the picture, without actually having to copy it physically into the email template. Its the same method Constant Contact, MailChimp and other services use.

To add the image to your template, simply click on the little "image" icon from the template editor toolbar and tell it the address (URL) of the image.

For example, if you wanted to link the ClassJuggler logo from our Web site into a template, you could copy the image address for our logo which is: and paste that into the Image editor dialog box. You can easily get the address of most images from Web pages by right-clicking on them. Voila! You now have an image in your email template. Use the same process to add your company logo, Facebook button, pictures of your students or anything else you can imagine.

#1 – "Help! I forgot my password"

Forgotten passwords, passwords not working, and general password help is the most common support question from our clients. Don't worry you're NOT alone! A recent survey found that a quarter of their respondents forgot at least 1 password daily! A third of those folks also admittedly experienced intense frustration. Just relax, take a deep breath and click the "FORGOT PASSWORD" option on the ClassJuggler login screen. It will send an email to the email address associated with the ID with a new temporary password. You'll need to change the temporary password immediately upon sign-in.

Also important to mention is that ClassJuggler support staff cannot see any client's password, for security purposes, we can only guide you to reset your password.

  — Article by: Alexia Rodriguez of ClassJuggler

February 2016 is a Leap Year month

As a quick reminder, don't forget to check your class schedules and other planned activities as we have an extra Monday in February 2016. The February 29 leap day generally occurs every 4 years (with some wide exceptions every 100 and 400 years – you're good until the year 2100 – we'll remind you in the newsletter when that date arrives ;) ).

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