ClassJuggler News - July 2016

Top 5 "Hidden" Features of ClassJuggler

While these features aren't actually hidden in ClassJuggler, they are often overlooked and under-utilized. Heck, some of these features might be right under your nose without you noticing!

5. Customer Self Service Center Monitor

A lot of our users overlook the usefulness of the Customer Portal Monitor. The Customer Portal Monitor, found under your TOOLS menu, was designed to track all activities of your customers (parents) as they register and use the Customer Portal. You can see every step each customer took throughout your portal. This can be extremely helpful in situations like: "I tried to make a payment but I'm not sure if it went through." By searching for that customer's name in the Customer Portal Monitor, you can see in a flash exactly where they left off and if a payment was processed! And not only that but every other action they made during their session. Check it out.

4. Registration Manager

Do you have a specific Student group in which you want the registrations to all expire on the same day? Or maybe you want to manually expire all your registrations just before or after your summer sessions. From your TOOLS menu select Registration Manager. From this screen you can select a specific end date and a student group. ClassJuggler will give you the number of students that would be affected by the date you select. Clicking on the "Expire" button will then automatically expire all affected student registrations.

3. Student Birthdays

It's easy to see which students have birthdays in a given month from the Home Base screen and student listings and records. But how about a way to easily send a special birthday email to your students whose birthdays are coming up? From the Student sidebar menu, select "eMail Birthday Students." From here you can either generate a report of the students whose birthdays fall in your chosen month OR you can generate an email that is sent to the parents of each student with a birthday in your chosen month.

2. Forward and Back buttons on Customer, Student, Instructor, and Class Menus

Want to browse your Customer Transactions screens quickly? Or maybe page through all Credit/Debit Card Manager pages for your customers? Using the "Prev Rec" and "Next Rec" buttons at the top of the left menu allows you to move alphabetically through your customer records (also student, class, and instructor) while remaining on the same screen. This is incredibly useful when you need to review a lot of records, whether it be reviewing agreed policies on the Maintenance Page 2 screen, or looking at account activity on the Customer Transactions screen. Try it yourself.

1. Hovering Is Your Friend

ClassJuggler tracks a TON of data about every type of record in your database, but due to limits of screen size and practicality, we can only show so much of that data in listings. But there is a trick. Any listing column may have additional information hidden in it waiting for you to hover your mouse over it. Just look for any column cell that has a little green dog-ear in the upper left corner. That little symbol means there is more info that you can see while hovering your mouse. Give it a try on the last or first name columns on the Customer Listing screen. Or try the Class Name column on Class Listings. There's a bevy of extra info without even clicking into the maintenance pages for those records.

  — Article by: Alexia Rodriguez of ClassJuggler

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