ClassJuggler News - August 2019

Fall Classes and Registrations are Right Around the Corner

Here are some ClassJuggler features to help you prepare

Well into your summer sessions, you're likely thinking about or already planning for your Fall classes.

ClassJuggler can help you get ahead of the game when your customers start lining up for enrollment. Here's how:

  • Copy Class & Mass Copy Class can help you copy individual classes (using them as a template) to use for your new sessions. Copy classes individually or copy a large group of classes for a new session.
  • Mass Status Change, run at the end of a session, converts all students who are not actively enrolled in a class to an Inactive status to help you better manage your students over time.
  • Customer Confirmation Statements – As you complete your enrollment period for fall classes, use the Customer Confirmation Statements Report to email or print statements showing each customer the classes they have chosen for their family. This is a great way to get corrections and changes from customers right before the new classes start.
  • Account Categories – Now is a great time to start using account categories to label your new classes so that each charge will be "tagged" with the chosen account category. This gives you the ability to run very detailed reports by account category to see how much income a particular class or group of classes is earning your business.
  • Customer Portal – It's a good time to start using our popular customer portal (available for a small additional fee) so your customers can self-register, set up payment information, and even shop for classes all from the comfort of their own home, and without you or your staff lifting a finger!
  • Merchant Processing allows your customers to pay with their Visa, MC, Amex, or Discover card (credit or debit). Your customers demand it, and it helps you stay competitive in your market.

Yes, You Can Still Do Refunds in ClassJuggler

As most of you are aware, our payment gateway partner,, has disabled their Enhanced Credit Capabilities (ECC) for all merchants. ECC let you refund any amount to any card or refund a payment past the 120 day window. This made it very flexible and easy for you to make refunds to parents, even if their original card had changed or the period from when you received their payment was past 120 days.

Authorize.Net's parent company, Visa, determined that massive fraud was occurring due to this feature and decided to switch it off for all merchants. There is no remedy to this as Visa has decided the only way a merchant will have access to ECC capability is on a case-by-case basis, as determined by their risk department.

What can you do as a merchant?

You can now use the newly built Linked Credit Capability (LCC) feature we added last month without having to log into your Authorize.Net payment gateway any more. LCC refunds can only refund directly back when linked to a prior payment made within 120 days. If you need to make a refund to a parent on a different card, or when their original payment is over 120 days old, you will need to handle that with a manual refund (cash or check).

If you wish to re-enable the ECC refund capability, and it is important to how you run your business, follow these directions:

  • Log into your ANET account.
  • Click on Contact Us at the top of the screen, which opens a little window.
  • Click on Support Cases.
  • From the Support Cases dropdown menu at the top, choose Apply for ECC.
  • On the electronic form, choose Yes to the 120 days question. (note your business must have been processing for at least 120 days to qualify).
  • In the reason box, include: "Our CRM and class enrollment software currently only supports ECC refunds, so we will need this functionality. Our business also often needs to refund parent's payments past 120 days and often to a different card." Also, describe your business as a face-to-face dance/gymnastics/K12/other business that works with families every day and has not had any chargebacks.

August Fun Facts

  • The name "August" was given by Roman emperor Augustus Caesar in 8 BC. Until then, the Romans called August "Sextilis" meaning the sixth month of their calendar. During a reform the Roman calendar added two more months: January and February. Augustus claimed this month his own because most of his victories occurred during August. He also wanted his own month just as Julius Caesar had his own month of July.
  • Famous birthdays in August include Barack Obama, Herman Melville, Hulk Hogan, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, Madonna, Robert DeNiro, Peter O'Toole, and Cameron Diaz.
  • The zodiac signs for August are Leo (July 23 – August 22) and Virgo (August 23 – September 22).
Source: Fun Facts about the Month of August.

FREE Webinar Training Series

ClassJuggler offers free online classes and video training to its clients and demo users.

Our Webinar schedule for August is:

  • Tuesday, August 13, 1pm ET (10am PT)
    Copying Classes – Using the Copy Class and Mass Class Copy features to save time.
  • Thursday, August 29, 1pm ET (10am PT)
    Email Template Manager – How to add, modify, search, sort, group, and select email templates in ClassJuggler.
If you'd like to attend either of these classes, please email

Customer Support Schedule

Customer Support will be closed for holidays on the following upcoming dates:

  • Sep 2 - Labor Day

These dates are also visible on your sign-in screen.

Customer Support is Here for You!

Whether you're a brand-new customer or a seasoned client, you may have questions on how to best utilize ClassJuggler for your business. Our Customer Support Specialists are never more than a phone call or email away.

Give us a call at (866) 214-6128 or email Support hours are Mon–Fri from 8am–5pm PT.

International Clients

Skype chat is available. If you've got questions and would like to speak with someone in person, just email us and we'll arrange a time to connect with you.

We're Listening. We Want to Hear from You

If you have ideas or suggestions for topics in an upcoming newsletter or for a Webinar, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at